We offer a full factored design to door service, meaning that we can help our clients through the whole process from conception to delivery if desired. Some clients may want to utilise the whole service to be managed through us, but some may just want to pick and choose the services they require for their needs. 

Team Meeting


Providing bespoke support and advise to our clients in all areas of their business. Together we will work to analyse all aspects of the business and to determine the areas that could be improved. Identifying which services will then be beneficial to your needs. This could be anything from brand identity, streamlining systems & practices, range planning or even budgeting.

This is a great opportunity to get to know the client and to fully understand the potential impact that can be made to improve the business and to help them grow. 


We can help clients by creating and designing a coherent collection that fits with their company aesthetic.  The client may supply us the trend or themed research they have compiled for the season or we are able to do this research for them. We can create individual garments if required or even the entire seasonal collection including range plan.


All designs include colour palettes, fabric recommendations, and print/pattern inspiration.



We will work closely with our team of pattern cutters and garment technicians to ensure that the designs are translated into the paper/digital sewing patterns and tech packs efficiently. The tech packs will detail both the front and back of each garment with construction and fit notes, measurement specs and size grading. 

The sewing patterns and tech packs will then sent to the manufacturer for sampling, or to a local seamstress for a toile to be produced. Then fit and construction can be tweaked and confirmed before proceeding to production.


With our global network of high quality suppliers located around the globe we are able to source any fabric, trim, yarn or component depending on your requirements. We also have suppliers who are able to custom make fabric, dyes, trims and components bespoke to your company.  

Working with different sized clients means we are able to source for both low and high quantity orders but never compromising on the quality.

Cutting Fabric


Working closely with the manufacturer we will make sure all information for each style is fully understood and all sewing patterns are graded to your specifications.

We will manage the entire supply chain to ensure the manufacturers receive the materials needed to begin production in a timely manner and can be completed within the deadlines.


Production quantities can vary dependant on the product being produced and where it is being manufactured. 


When required by the client we are able to get all fabric, trims, components and even finished garments tested. Evaluating how the products meet and exceed quality, safety, sustainability and performance standards.

These standards can be in line with the government regulations dependant on the countries they intend to sell into or the client is able to set out their own company specifications and standards for us to follow.

Fashion Designer


There are a few options for how to quality control the production. The manufacturer will alway do their own quality control and send shipment samples of each style and colour for approval before the goods are released for shipping.


Some clients like to have a designated external service to go into the factory and do a thorough inspection of each individual item which we can arrange.



We are able to source and supply the branding, labelling and packaging for our clients - this includes woven labels, swing tags, carelabels, button bags, polybags, boxes, garment bags, canvas bags, tissue paper, etc.

We also offer all of these packaging products in sustainable materials which we try to encourage our clients to use.

A Shirt in a Box


Using our forwarders we can handle the entire shipment process from the factory to your door - by land, air and sea. We will ensure that all local custom clearances are organised before shipping.

We can organise for the goods to be dispatched to different locations if needed.

If the client has their own nominated forwarder they would prefer to use we can arrange the paperwork in advance for a smooth delivery.